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Sherrel Lee brings it on with The Valens of Legacy

May 7, 2014

Our latest video project for erotic romance author Sherrel Lee and her amazing series "The V alens of Legac y"  I got all a-tingle when I read about this series!


Before the earth’s crust cooled, and Homo Sapiens populated the world, the Valens emerged as the guardians of mankind. The Valens, powerful beings possessed the ability to appear as human or in their natural awe-inspiring forms. This noble race gave rise to many ancient legends and myths, emerging from their earliest interactions with humankind.


A multitude of myths and legends evolved around the Valens and these tales originated from various cultures across the globe. Asian Valens may be dragons, fish or even the shape of a dog. Persian, Greek, or Roman might take the shape of Phoenix, Harpy, Gryphon; European tales include Fae and Mermaids. Other legends include the Norwegian Kraken, Inuit Amarok, Chilean Winged Snakes or an assortment of others, too many to recount.


In ancient times the Valens were able to mingle among humans in their true forms, but as avarice and greed filled the hearts of many humans, there were those who became jealous of the Valens and their powers, forcing the Valens to hide their true natures. In order to protect human kind, the Valens had to operate in secret. As they hid themselves, their existence faded into the mists of legend and lore.


The Valens of Legacy series begins in the contemporary world, where this noble race has deviated into two greatly divergent paths. Many Valens continue in their avowed destiny as guardians of humankind, whereas others have fallen prey to the all too human sins of greed and hatred. These corrupted beings work against everything the Valens represent. But life grants the Valens no favors or guaranties for their good works. They work, love, live, and die, but have no doubt, they are very different from those they were created to protect. There are those who have been lost among the humans and who are not even aware of who or what they are. And finally, there are also those Valens on the cusp of madness who use science and their own DNA to create monstrous abominations whose sole purpose is the death and destruction, and even domination of the human race


.Join Sherrel Lee, on a journey of discovery. Find out who the Valens are, what they want, and what will happen as their story unfolds in the Valens of Legacy series.


Click here to visit Sherrel's site and get info on where to buy the books in this exciting series.

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