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"…an intense and chilling tale that will grab a hold of you from the start and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride like one you may never have been on before. The characters are all so well drawn and the storyline so captivating that you are going to have trouble putting it down." Amazon Review

" Mama Marion says I wouldn't have the sight if God didn't intend for me to do good with it. I just wish God didn't feel I needed to see this." Emmy age 16

Her visions started when she was a child. Between a childhood where abuse was the norm and visions of death, her life has been far from normal.

It’s been a decade since her vision led police to another victim of the Low Country Killer, long enough that Emmy has convinced herself that the secrets of the past should be forgotten, or at least kept locked away. Letting them out into the open can only cause pain and they've all had enough of that. So, she convinces herself that that horrible chapter in the life of her family is over, and the monsters who once walked Holly Isle are gone forever.

Then out of the blue, on the anniversary of her husband’s death, she has another vision of a young woman’s body in the marsh. If that wasn’t troubling enough, Nash, the boy she loved her entire life, the one who left and broke her heart, is back.

Are the two events connected? Emmy won’t accept that, no matter who tries to connect the events. She knows Nash isn’t capable of that kind of barbarism. However, there are others who are and she fears those monsters may have decided it is time to bring their dark hungers back to Holly Isle.


The International Bestseller by Ciana Stone

"Addictive!  Stone knocks it out of the park with a book that will stick with you long after the final page. - Candid Book Review
"I have to say that every once in a while, I run across a book that leaves me speechless. This book is one of them. Ms. Stone proves once again that she can write in any genre and produce a winner. " - Amazon Reviewer

Their childhood was dominated by pain and fear. They escaped the darkness at first chance, but darkness is a beast that doesn't let go easily, and now it's found them. It will be a battle that will threaten their lives and souls. The time to fight is almost at hand and this time, they can't run.

Behind the Rocking Horse ebook 2020 to u

Critically acclaimed suspense thriller

"This is a book that will stay with you long after the final word. Ciana Stone writes about a victim in a way that makes you wonder if she understands this level of fear.  And the monster who haunts the lives of the characters is shockingly real.  A brilliant tale you won't want to put down,  but definitely not for the faint of heard." - Candid Book Reviews

She was seven when the monster came and when he left that night, he took with him Isabelle's happiness, sense of security and belief in a God who would protect little children.  He left her with a promise, one that she could never forget and one that filled her with terror.

"We're not done, you and I.  You're my special girl, Isabelle.  I'll be back for you."

For twenty-five years, she's feared that promise and his whispers in her mind.  She's run from it, tried to deny it, looked for ways to forget or overcome it, and now she's ready to admit that there's only one way to reclaim her life.

Destroy the monster.  Or die trying.

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